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The revolution will not be televised, it will be live. In her debut solo show, Laurie Black (Bad Luck Cabaret, Rogue Romantic, Sweatshop) is armed with an arsenal of songs, original & otherwise, and a synth to take a stand against all this bullshit. Bring your hand-grenade hearts and get ready for the ultimate ultraviolet riot.

Claire Healy: (Get A) Real Job

Claire has never had a real job. With a resume that looks like a list of highly questionable life choices, from Croatian Busker, Australia’s Worst Tennis Tour Guide, Old Timey Nursing Home Singer to Magic Salad Fingers (true story), Claire tries to answer that endlessly awkward question; What do you do? Claire Healy’s new show, (Get a) Real Job looks at what we do to make a few dollars, the changing ways we make our sweet cash in a world of unaffordable houses and unpaid internships and what do you put on a boarding card when ‘Wandering Theatrical Gypsy with Limited Life Skills’ doesn’t quite fit. ‘A frenetic ride through Healy’s head.’ Adelaide Advertiser ★★★★…

Hot Mamas

A show by two Mamas, for mamas and those who have them, those who love them, those who want to be them…and those who are terrified of becoming them.
Chrissie & Liz, former burlesque duo, became mums simultaneously and quite unintentionally. While their experiences couldn’t be more different, they shared a remarkably similar journey from individual to mother and somewhere in the middle, finding themselves again.
Incorporating dance, comedy, cabaret and storytelling, the former Burlesque Beauties (sold-out Adelaide Fringe show 2010-2013) take a humorous and heartfelt look at a little discussed transition. Hot Mamas wants to show mums they are not alone, and everyone else, what life is really like on the ‘other side’….

Michael Wheatley: No Rest For The Wicked

Fringe veteran, genre crossing, quintuple threat Michael Wheatley is showing no signs of slowing down. If there’s no rest for the wicked then, Sydney sing and fling maestro, Michael Wheatley is like the Devil with chronic insomnia and a collection of vintage keyboards blocking the door to the bedroom. No Rest for the Wicked is Michael in his natural environment, behind a grand piano, with a bourbon, a microphone, the Dirty Carpet Disco Band and a bevvy of his burlesque besties including the effervescent Miss Kelly Ann Doll joining him as he shares his insights on lust, love and writing songs for strippers. Funky beats, burlesque, live music, dad jokes….


The patriarchy, the arts industry, even her husband: no one is safe from sweet yet sultry Irene Nicola. You want a sassy takedown of gender politics to go with your stand-up? Done. Smart, sharp and subversive, this show is part feminist essay, part self-destructive manifesto, with an all original soundtrack. “Fun, cerebral, sexy” – Acting Factory. …

The Really Real Housewife of Surfers Paradise

Mercedes DeLuca-Jones is glamorous, fabulous, filthy rich and mind blowingly exciting, yet she still feels “something’s missing in my life”, could it be FAME??!!
So when auditions are announced for The Real Housewives of Surfers Paradise, Mercedes knows it is her destiny!
This comedy cabaret will have you laughing your mink eyelashes off darlings!…

Dr Carnesky’s Incredible Bleeding Woman

Putting the magic back into menstruation, Dr Carnesky takes you on a rigorously researched romp through her research into the importance of celebrating the symbolic and cultural power of the bodily cycle. Both serious and tongue in cheek, part surreal Ted style lecture, part magic show, part witchy ritual, part activist spectacle. ★★★★ Guardian, Scotsman…

Diary of a Power Pussy

Fancy yourself a fierce feline? Well, it’s time to grow a vagina! Produced and starring Melbourne’s own Sophie deLightful, and featuring a rotating list of special guest performers, Diary of a Power Pussy already tantalised audiences at the Melbourne Fringe festival after touring the East Coast earlier in the year. It’s interactive, bold and fun!…

UniSA Showcase

Cabaret EXPLODES off the stage as the multi-talented students of UniSA’s Cabaret course share with you their take on the artform of cabaret. Songs, stories, sketches and skullduggery, original and re-interpreted, aided and abetted by cabaret gurus and mentors Catherine Campbell and Hew Parham. Break the rules! (sold out 2014-2016)…

Joni Mitchell’s Daughter

Fringe Weekly Award-Winning Cabaret show (2017), Joni Mitchell’s Daughter is a moving and inspiring new work about the Artist as Mother and the ‘mother’ who is also ‘other’. …