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Getting Away Scott Free

Fresh from his successful 2017 debut solo performance at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. (“a stylishly observational act” 3Weeks) Comedian Scott Adams, brings his brand new show to you wonderful people of Australia and New Zealand. (“A Barrage of quick fire jokes” ★★★★★ Brighton Fringe 2017) scottadamscomedian.com…

Claire Healy: (Get A) Real Job

Claire has never had a real job. With a resume that looks like a list of highly questionable life choices, from Croatian Busker, Australia’s Worst Tennis Tour Guide, Old Timey Nursing Home Singer to Magic Salad Fingers (true story), Claire tries to answer that endlessly awkward question; What do you do? Claire Healy’s new show, (Get a) Real Job looks at what we do to make a few dollars, the changing ways we make our sweet cash in a world of unaffordable houses and unpaid internships and what do you put on a boarding card when ‘Wandering Theatrical Gypsy with Limited Life Skills’ doesn’t quite fit. ‘A frenetic ride through Healy’s head.’ Adelaide Advertiser ★★★★…

Hot Mamas

A show by two Mamas, for mamas and those who have them, those who love them, those who want to be them…and those who are terrified of becoming them.
Chrissie & Liz, former burlesque duo, became mums simultaneously and quite unintentionally. While their experiences couldn’t be more different, they shared a remarkably similar journey from individual to mother and somewhere in the middle, finding themselves again.
Incorporating dance, comedy, cabaret and storytelling, the former Burlesque Beauties (sold-out Adelaide Fringe show 2010-2013) take a humorous and heartfelt look at a little discussed transition. Hot Mamas wants to show mums they are not alone, and everyone else, what life is really like on the ‘other side’….

Changing Jennifers Presents Le Improv

Changing Jennifers presents Le Improv! A stylish night of cocktails, comedy, and chaos. Watch in amazement as they completely improvise a whole play right before your eyes based on suggestions from you!…

Sunday night burlesque: Club Burlesk

Club Burlesk is Adelaide’s premier monthly burlesque show! Combining the best of South Australian talent in a gorgeous bohemian cocktail bar, it’s the perfect way to wind up your weekend….

Gretel Killeen: Guru Grets and her Psychic Sex and Life Advice

Join unreliable psychic and non-practising heterosexual Gretel Killeen for this one show only elite audience extravaganza: 73 hilarious and yet profound minutes of Gretel using her questionable psychic ability to solve not only all the problems of the universe but also any problems submitted anonymously by bold or bribed audience members. …

Sex $ells?

“Catlovers” Lily Starr and Alex Reynolds are hitting the stage after the success of their sold out 2015/16 Sydney Fringe shows. They have been trying to figure out if sex sells or whether they should just sell themselves for sex. Either way they are pretty sure it won’t be profitable….