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Improvised Improv

Adelaide’s best improvisers are back!
After great seasons in the Edinburgh Fringe and Melbourne Comedy festivals, Changing Jennifers are excited to bring you an hour of wall-to-wall laughs with their heart-stopping and hilarious improv extravaganza!
Changing Jennifers perform wild and obscure stories straight from the performers’ twisted minds. No two shows are ever the same and no audience suggestion is too daunting for Changing Jennifers. In the same vein as classic shows ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’, ‘Thank God You’re Here’ and ‘The Mighty Boosh’, Changing Jennifers are side-splitting improvisational titans….

Changing Jennifers Presents Le Improv

Changing Jennifers presents Le Improv! A stylish night of cocktails, comedy, and chaos. Watch in amazement as they completely improvise a whole play right before your eyes based on suggestions from you!…